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Dealing With the Troubles of Glucosamine & GERD

There are many different components that are known for causing or aggravating the symptoms of GERD, and glucosamine is just one of the many. Glucosamine is a natural component that is found in healthy cartilage, and which is found naturally in the body. It is needed to produce glycosaminoglycan, which is a molecule that is used in the formation and repair of cartilage and other body tissues.

Many people are recommended to begin taking dosages of glucosamine as it is available as a nutritional supplement in most health food stores and drug stores. Although there are many benefits that come from using glucosamine, and the supplements are widely used for osteoarthritis and related conditions, there are also drawbacks.

Gluosamine & GERD

The relationship between glucosamine & GERD is that many people who begin taking these supplements find that they begin experiencing symptoms of GERD or that their existing condition is getting worse.

If you ever notice that your glucosamine & GERD are reacting adversely together, you will want to notify your doctor as soon as possible so that they are aware of this and can make the proper adjustments. This is important because if GERD is very serious in a person and is left untreated it has the potential to cause serious damage to one’s body, particularly their stomach lining.

There are other supplements that you will be able to take in place of the glucosamine, so that you will no longer have to deal with the effects of glucosamine & GERD. Your doctor may be wary that these new supplements will cause negative reactions as well and so chances are that they will take it easy at first and keep a close eye on your condition as you continue to take the supplements.

Also remember that there are other things you can do to avoid the possible glucosamine & GERD reaction. Making dietary changes for instance can be very beneficial here, as avoiding certain foods that cause the GERD to act up, known as aggressors, you will be lessening the amount of time that you suffer from the symptoms and also the intensity of how bad these symptoms are.

It is important to listen to your doctor and if you can, see a specialist, namely a nutritionist. They will be able to help you determine what lifestyle changes should be made in order to impact your condition as much and as positively as possible.